When tooth fairy is broken: Can you fix it?

In this week’s Hacker News, we asked people what it takes to fix a broken tooth.The answer is simple: it depends.We asked people to send us photos of the denture and of their denture to confirm it’s been repaired and to verify that the tooth fairy was working.Tooth fairy is a simple, inexpensive device.You use […]

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Which teeth have the longest repair time?

With the help of dentists and dental technicians around the world, a team of researchers has come up with a new list of the most common repairs that will cost you an estimated $50,000.The research is published in the journal, MMWR.“Most dentists don’t want to spend $50k on repair because it’s too expensive,” said lead […]

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New York dentist is being sued after he sold an electric toothbrush

A New York dental technician has been sued after his company sold an electro-plastic toothbrush.The lawsuit, filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, accuses Robert T. O’Reilly, Jr. of defrauding customers by offering a $150 electric toothbrushing unit for $20 and claiming it could prevent tooth decay.The toothbrush reportedly has a range of up to 100 […]

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Tooth fairy certificate is not valid

What does a tooth fairy mean?The word tooth is used in the same way as the word baby, and in a similar way to the word ‘mother’.A tooth fairy is a special certificate issued to parents that allows them to see their children’s teeth for the first time.It can also be used to visit a […]

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