‘I Don’t Want to Be a Toothbrush’ – How to Get Rid of Toothbrush Dampness

A toothbrush that is too wet is like a giant, messy house that has been left open for a long time.

We need to find ways to keep the brushes dry, and to keep them away from the environment. 

Tortoise Toothbrush was born out of necessity when I wanted to keep my house from being filled with dust.

It wasn’t the best idea to let a toothbrush dry out inside the house, and after the first week of usage, the brush began to become dry and flake.

My husband, who has an old toothbrush, said he was worried that it was going to leak and cause a fire. 

As we got the brush wet, we noticed that the brush was getting wetter and wetter.

The brush started to dry out more and more. 

When the brush started getting too wet, I decided to try to get rid of it by putting it into the dryer.

It worked, and we now have a great, clean, and safe toothbrush!

It also made my husband’s toothbrush last longer.

We used it as a “dryer brush” for a while and it was great.

We can use it as often as we want, as long as we don’t have a problem with the bristles. 

The new, super-wet brush is the perfect addition to my home.

I’ve been using it every day and I can see why it is the best choice for a dryer brush.