The Blue Tooth Keyboard’s most beloved comic

Blue Tooth keyboard is back, and with a new title.

Its a comic book that uses a tooth fairy to guide a young boy through life.

“I was inspired by the story of the tooth fairy, and wanted to tell a story about one of my own children,” says owner Mark Wiegley.

“It’s a very touching story and I hope that it will be a little bit of a comfort to some people.”

The new comic book, Blue Tooth: Tooth Fairy, is set in the Blue Mountains of Alberta, where a child is found wandering alone with a tooth, a book that he must learn to read.

The child eventually comes to believe that he has a Blue Tooth, an amazing tooth that makes him so strong that he can walk on water.

The tooth fairy then guides the boy through a series of trials and tribulations until he eventually finds a blue tooth that can be used as a key.

“The blue tooth is one of the best treasures in the world, so I’ve always wanted to bring a fairy-like story to life with the Tooth Fairy,” says Wiegle.

“As I wrote it, it felt like a magical fairy tale I had been wanting to tell for years.”

Blue Tooth is set for release in early 2018.