How a smart toothbrush can save your life

When I heard of the $2.5 million dollar electric toothbrush, I immediately thought of my own experience with a toothache.

When I was young, I used to eat the occasional meal with my parents and we all loved the taste of homemade food, but I was constantly sick.

I always thought I had a food allergy, but there was no scientific research available.

I had to get the medicine my mom prescribed for allergies, but the side effects were so terrible that it was hard to swallow the medicine.

When it came to tooth pain, I knew I needed a prescription, so I went to my dentist.

I knew it would take a few months before I could get my new toothbrush because it was too expensive, but that was my problem, not hers.

I needed the brush to prevent my teeth from falling out, and I needed it to help me feel better.

I got my first brush in September 2013.

I remember thinking, this thing is awesome.

I took it to work and it took about 15 minutes to remove my braces.

Then I got my second one, and it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to get it done.

It’s amazing how little things like this can make a difference.

It takes about 15 seconds for my toothbrush to go from being in my mouth to being out of my mouth.

If I had just gotten my first one, I would have gone right back to my normal eating habits.

The second brush that I bought came with a free pack of toothpastes, which I used on the weekends and on holidays.

The toothpaste packets are designed to help you with your toothbrush habits, and you can even make them yourself.

The package also includes a toothbrush brush holder that you can use with the brush and the toothpasta packets, so you can get the brush right where you need it without taking it to the bathroom.

My dentist recommended using the toothbrush holder to prevent the tooth decay that I experienced.

The holder is very sturdy, but it also doubles as a way to help prevent it from falling off.

The other option was to just replace the brush, which would have been more difficult.

I went back to the dentist and told him I needed an electric toothbrushes, and he suggested I go with the cheaper model, the $10.99 Smart Toothbrush.

He also recommended using a toothpaste that contains both the toothpaste and a tooth extractor, because it’s easy to make your own toothpaste.

When I went out to pick up my new brush, I felt so much better, and my dentist recommended that I buy a second one because I didn’t feel so sick anymore.

I’ve since tried to buy another brush, but at the time, I was already too sick to do that.

Now, I get to use my new one every time I take a shower or go to the toilet, and the brush helps me feel much better.

It really does!

When it comes to toothbrushing, there are two different kinds of toothbrushed.

You can use the electric tooth brushing, which is made of a plastic tube that’s connected to an electrical outlet.

This is a cheaper option, and is a lot more convenient.

I usually brush my teeth with a brush from a local hardware store, which makes the brush look like a normal toothbrush.

You also can use a regular toothbrush or a smart brush, because they’re a bit different.

I like the regular brush because it can be used for brushing my teeth as well as drinking water.

Smart toothbrands also have an electric handle, which allows you to brush your teeth without having to touch the plastic tube.

While the electric brush works well, I wish that the smart toothbrush would come with a cleaning kit, because I find that I need to scrub my teeth quite often to get rid of any bacteria or plaque that could be present on the surface.

Another way to get a new brush is to get one from a trusted source.

If you go to your local hardware or drug store, you can find a smart product, like the one that comes with the Smart Tooth Brush, and then order it online.

You can even use it with the toothbrass holder.

If you go through the hassle of ordering a new toothbrayer, you might as well try to find a cheaper one.

The only reason I’m buying a new smart tooth brush is because I’m trying to improve my health.

If the electric one comes with a $50 discount, I’ll buy it.