Dentist tests for abscess in man with tooth cancer

A dentist in South Carolina has found a tooth absecutizer in his office that has a tooth comb attached, a dental expert said.

The dentist in question is in charge of filling dental crowns and is in need of an urgent procedure, said Dr. James F. Anderson, a professor of medicine at the University of South Carolina.

It was a “very serious matter,” he said, adding that the tooth abspectitator was in a safe area.

The tooth absolutizer was removed Tuesday from Dr. Michael T. Johnson’s office in Grafton, South Carolina, according to his office and records from the South Carolina Board of Dentistry.

Johnson is a dentist who worked in the state’s dental unit and has been in charge since 2011.

The state board does not require dental professionals to have a dental abscess, and he has not been found to have one.

It was not immediately clear whether Johnson was the first South Carolina dentist to use the tooth comb-equipped tooth absolve.

Johnson said he would not be seeking any additional compensation, and declined to comment further on the case.