Why Are So Many Toothbrushes So Bad?

The new version of the toothbrush will have a much better bristles, it will be much smaller, and it won’t contain the chemical used in some of the brushes.

However, if you have tooth decay, there are a lot of other ways to fight it.

The new brush will have less bristles and less plastic in it, which could mean it wonít stick to your teeth, says Kristi Schulz, a dentist in Brooklyn, New York.

And you can now use it on your own teeth, so you woníve been able to clean your own toothbrush as well.

It will also be available in a new color, and the new model will include a built-in filter.

But even if you donít have decay, you might want to consider buying a new brush.

For the next few months, I will be offering a discount for the brush in the next six months.

I think people are really looking for the best toothbrush that they can afford, and I think that is a great value.

I think the toothbrushes that are getting the most love are the soft bristles.

It feels great to you.

It feels good to brush your teeth.

And if youíre a little tired of brushing, you can just go out and use it again.

And the filter will make it so you don’t need to wash your brush.

I like to wash my brush, because it cleans the brushes I use all the time, and that is just a pleasure.