When the Tooth Fairy Dies

By Jim CramerAs we reported last month, a Pennsylvania woman who was recently arrested for a $1 million fraud was found to have allegedly stolen from a local charity.

She had a “thoroughbred” and a $600,000 horse stolen from the Chesterfield Foundation in the mid-1970s.

She also allegedly stole from the Montgomery County Community College, and her alleged crimes allegedly involved “screwdrivers” (sic) who broke into vehicles and stole cash and credit cards.

The Montgomery County police have filed charges against Jennifer “Jennifer” LeBlanc, who is currently in jail awaiting trial on all of the charges.

She is charged with grand theft, aggravated theft, and two counts of grand larceny.

According to her criminal complaint, she stole more than $1.3 million from the charity.

According to her court documents, LeBlancha allegedly stole the $1,500-a-month horse from the county in 1979.

According the affidavit, the horse was stolen from an estate at Chesterfield and was sold to an anonymous donor who used the money to purchase a “battery truck.”

The money was then transferred to a donor who gave the money “to a local veterinarian,” and then the donor gave the remaining money to a local business, the affidavit states.

The alleged theft occurred in March 1980, and was “reported to Chesterfield Police” after the owner of the property notified the police, the complaint states.

According on the complaint, Chesterfield police “asked the owner to provide the name of the owner and to confirm if the owner was a family member.”

The owner did not respond to the police.

The affidavit states that the owner then “stated that he had never been to the property before, and that he could not find the owner’s address, and no police report was filed.”

The complaint states that Chesterfield Detective Richard Givens “also asked LeBlanche if she had ever stolen from any of the charity’s properties, and LeBlanches response was that she had not, but that she knew of several.”

Givens then contacted LeBlac, who said that she was “a charity worker,” and “she would not give any more information to the detective.”

According to the affidavit:The police investigation into LeBlanca continued into December 1981, and the alleged theft of the horse happened on April 30, 1982, in the county jail.

The incident allegedly occurred when LeBlaanc, an employee of the Chesterfields Charity, entered the cell to perform “fitness” examinations and then “went to the back of the jail to remove her clothes and underwear and remove her shoes.”

According the affidavit LeBlanace claimed she was not able to remove the shoes due to “the amount of blood that had been inside them,” and when the police arrived, they discovered the horse had been stolen.

LeBlanc was arrested for “possession of a stolen animal,” and charged with “fraudulently obtaining money or property.”

LeBlance was later released from custody on $1 Million bail.

She remains in jail in Montgomery County.

LeBlauna’s alleged crime occurred after the Chester County police found LeBlane’s home in Chesterfield, where the alleged thefts took place.

Leblanc was charged with two counts each of grand theft and aggravated theft.

The Montgomery County grand larlairg charges against LeBlace state that LeBlaccoa has “no criminal history in Chester County, but is known to be a drug user and has been convicted of possession of a controlled substance.”

The Montgomery county charges against the alleged thief are pending.

The Chesterfield County charges state that the alleged crime “is a felony, and charges may be added to the indictment if additional evidence becomes available.”