NFL owners approve $1.2 billion in dental care improvements for players

The NFL Players Association is pushing for an agreement that would allow the league to pay its players $1,000 a month to wear an earpiece, tooth necklace and other items.

The union said in a letter Wednesday that it wants the new policy to cover all players, including those who aren’t on the active roster.

The players association said the players association is still evaluating the details of the plan.

The proposed rule would not apply to players who are on injured reserve, have a concussion, have any dental issues or have lost a tooth.

The proposal comes after the league announced last month that it would pay out more than $700 million to cover medical expenses for injured players.

The proposal was made in the wake of a spate of deaths in the NFL.

The league says that its concussion protocols have not changed, but that the new rules will help keep players from having the same issues.

The players association plans to send a letter to league owners on Monday asking them to approve the plan, which is expected to be voted on by the union’s 25-member Board of Directors.

The NFLPA says the proposed rule, which has been in the works for a year, will improve health for the league’s players and its employees.

The plan would also make dental care for injured and retired players easier.