How to fix a tooth enameling damage

How to repair an enamel damage.

Enamel is a tough, brittle, and porous mineral, which can become damaged and chipped when it is exposed to a hard surface.

Tooth enamel can be repaired, repaired easily, and even removed.

Tooth decay can be caused by an underlying problem, such as poor dental hygiene, an old tooth or toothbrush, or an underlying illness, such of a tooth infection or gum disease.

If you are experiencing tooth decay or gum inflammation, check with your dentist, and see if there is anything else that could be causing the damage.

The only way to fully prevent tooth decay is to maintain proper brushing habits.

If a tooth has an enamel or dental floss problem, this can be solved by using the following methods:1.

Start with brushing and toothpaste2.

Follow a tooth whitening routine and replace the toothbrush if necessary3.

Remove excess toothpaste4.

Use a dental flaxsearner to remove excess floss5.

Remove all plaque from the surface of the teeth6.

Replace toothpaste if needed