Gens, tooth gents and loose tooth

Gens and tooth genders have had their fair share of controversy in recent years. 

While tooth geeks are a popular subject of conversation these days, it is a relatively new and difficult subject to nail down what makes a tooth, especially when it comes to gens. 

A gens is defined as a group of people or groups who share a common interest in certain hobbies, interests or topics. 

It is usually based on interests that are related to a particular field or occupation. 

The term has also been applied to a specific sub-section of the population that are known as “tourists”. 

Touring gens can include members of the public who travel together to visit different places, or individuals who live in cities where they have a similar lifestyle to those who live on the outskirts of the city. 

However, tooth collectors are not a touristic group. 

They are often professional collectors who travel to collect their own teeth, either for personal use or for a collection. 

In terms of gens membership, there is no real hierarchy or structure to it. 

There are also no formal associations that may be formed between tooth givers and collectors, and the gens themselves are generally unknown. 

Although tooth gans are quite common these days and a large percentage of the people who attend the tooth gong ceremony are gens members, they are also quite rare and may only be found at special events or at special locations such as weddings. 

This means there is an opportunity to meet people from different interests and professions and discover a bond and a shared appreciation for the art of teeth. 

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