‘Dumb’ dentists in England will be ‘saved’ by new dental insurance

The British government is working on a scheme to provide dentists with insurance against tooth decay.

The plan, which has been leaked to The Times, would give dentists a percentage of their revenues, and cover a range of costs including costs related to tooth fillings, and costs associated with cleaning.

The plans would also include dental insurance for those who don’t want to work, and help people who lose their jobs and can’t afford dental care.

Dentists, however, are currently under-insured.

Under the proposal, dental insurance would cover up to £50,000, and for those working in the private sector, up to up to an additional £100,000.

The scheme has not been formally revealed, but The Times said it was being developed in partnership with the private dental insurance firm, the Dentists Association of England.

The idea of insurance to cover dental costs is not new.

According to the National Association of State Dental Boards, there are currently some 20 million dentists who are insured in England. 

However, the idea of dental insurance was first floated by Dr James Brown, the president of the Association of Dental Practice Executives. 

The proposal, which would cover dental care in the public sector, has been proposed by the Association for Dentists and Surgeons of England (ADSE) in a bid to help dentists save money. 

According to the Association, the government’s scheme is aimed at helping dentists and dental practitioners to save money for the future, and reduce the burden of their dental bills. 

Dental insurance would be a major win for the government in its battle against tooth loss. 

“Our dentists have seen their rates rise by 40 per cent in the last five years,” said Dr Stephen Jones, chair of the ADSE.

“The government needs to put in place a system that will provide the dentists insurance against future dental costs, while giving dental insurance cover to those who can’t get the dental care they need.” 

However some dentists argue that the scheme would not be enough to tackle the problem. 

“[The plan] is very ambitious, and could be better utilised for the prevention of dental decay and the prevention and treatment of preventable diseases such as dental caries,” said John Foy, the director of the National Dental Society, in a statement. 

 The plan is also likely to come up against strong opposition from the British Dental Association, which is lobbying for the scheme to be dropped. 

While the government is currently planning to expand dental insurance to include private dental practice employees, the proposed dental insurance policy for private dentists is unlikely to cover their employees. 

This article has been updated to include comments from the Association and the National Dentists Union.