Diamond tooth implant has a sweet tooth! | IGN’s “Diamond” podcast

It’s an unusual implant, but it’s a gem, according to a new podcast by the “Diamond Tooth” podcast.

In a special interview with “Diamond,” which premieres on Apple Podcasts on March 18, host Chris Wren-Smith said his family has had a problem with a tooth, which is usually found in children.

They wanted to make sure they were getting a transplant, so he bought a diamond tooth from an old friend who had the same problem, and used the implant.

He says that it took about four weeks for the teeth to heal, but the implant did the trick.

“It’s been a lot of fun watching people in the audience say, ‘Wow, you really did this.

That’s amazing,'” he said.”

I don’t have any problems with my teeth, so it’s really good.

The implant has done a lot to make me smile and help me function normally.”

The implant, which was given to Wren’s father and brother in the ’90s, has been used in patients for more than a decade, but Wren said he has never experienced a patient complain of a reaction.

“A lot of people don’t really want the implant because they don’t want to put it in,” he said, noting that the implants can cause a reaction if the dentist has to remove the implant while you’re still breathing.

“You can be really uncomfortable, and you can have difficulty breathing if you have the implant in.

So people don- t want to have to put the implant.”

While the implant is a good solution for some people, it can also cause discomfort in others, especially if it’s in someone with a weak immune system, or an allergic reaction.

Wren says that if he had to choose between his father and his younger brother, he’d choose the implant, saying he would be happier if he got his own.