Dentist costs $1,400,000 on ‘surgery for a broken tooth’

Anesthesiologist Richard L. Rieger, who has been a dentist for nearly a decade, said he is planning on paying a dentist more than $1 million to have his teeth fixed.

Rieger said he decided to have the procedure after his wife discovered she had a small denture on her chin that wasn’t in the correct place.

The denture was part of an earlier operation that left a large scar on his chin, and the new procedure will give him the best possible chance of restoring that smile, he said.

Rieter has spent more than 20 years in the dentistry business and has more than 1,400 patient appointments a year.

He said he spent $1.4 million on dental procedures last year.

Rieter, who is also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Southern California, said the money was spent well and has been well spent.

“The fact that I’m able to make that decision is great, and I think it’s the right decision for me,” he said Tuesday.

“If I’m not able to go back and have my family and friends and other family members have a good experience, I feel that it was worth the investment.”

Riegers wife said she felt the dentures repair was a waste of money and said she has had more than 100 dental procedures since the operation.

She said she is trying to stop the practice.

“It’s just too much money.

It’s like taking a lot of money out of a good situation and putting it in a bad situation,” she said.