Black Tooth Brewing ‘will bring us a new era’

BLACK TONGUE BREWING has been granted a licence to operate a brewery in the south-west of England.

Black Tooth, based in the city of Wycombe, has been working on the brewing process for more than 30 years.

The company, which is currently based in Wales, said it wanted to bring the process to the UK.

It said it would offer the Brewed Up project, which includes brewing and fermenting, to other breweries and brewpubs, including one in the North West of England in order to offer consumers a better choice.

It also wants to offer brewing and fermentation services to other areas in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Black Tongue said it had been working closely with other brewers and had had positive feedback from customers.

“Black Tongs brews a range of different styles and uses different ingredients and different methods to make our brews,” the company said.

“Our brews are often brewed in a number of different ways, but we have decided to go with a simple recipe which we believe will allow us to brew and ferment our brew in a way that is more accessible to a wider range of consumers.”

The company is currently in the process of seeking approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission to brew beer and spirits.