How much will tooth implants cost?

New York City dental surgeon Robert B. Stitt has seen a lot of patients who have lost their dentures due to the spread of cavities.

The problem is, dentures typically come with a lifetime warranty, so if they go missing, there’s no way to replace them.

That’s why B.M. Dentistry, a New York-based dental practice, created a tooth implant that lasts for years, allowing patients to have a secure hold on their tooth while dentures can be replaced with a new one.

Tooth implants are being used by people with gum disease, who have the most common types of cavitations, but the procedure isn’t without risks.

“A lot of the people who do it are really high-risk,” Stitt said.

“They can get gum infection and they’re at high risk of dying.”

If you have a tooth problem and don’t have the dental insurance that you need, Stitt recommends dental insurance for patients over the age of 65.

If you don’t, he said, you can get a temporary denture to help with the process.

The dental implants have been used by patients in the Bronx and in the city of New York.

It’s now available in more than 20 other cities, and Stitt is in the process of opening a clinic in Seattle.

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